Windows 10 problem


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Since Windows Xp Eraser always worked fine for me. :)
Since I upgraded to Windows 10 I am stuck.

The Installation of Eraser showed the Net4 error,
installing the Eraser6.2-Eraser.msi seemed to work fine.

Nevertheless the program does not seem to start or work.
I tried everything suggested in forum-threads-'unable-to-install-any-version-on-windows-10.10369'

No change here.
The last things I tried is giving the current user (which is an account with admin rights)
all rights of the eraser installation folder - no effect.

Just out of curiosity I logged on the "built in administrator account"
and the wonder happens. Eraser works fine here.

Any idea what I cout try to convince eraser to work on the regular account as well?