Windows 2000 Required?


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I downloaded the latest version, and when trying to install it says I need at least Windows 2000 to work on my computer. My computer is Windows 98se, and when the info on the website told that the software would work for Win 98, I thought it would.

Why isn't this working for me, and if there is another version that will, which one is it?

Hi Mark,

I just thought I would post back as Joel (the bug fixer) is looking into your problem. In order to save him time could you please be more specific in the problems you are having ?

Perhaps you could make a complete and detailed bug report for him ?

SHGetFolderPathA not defined aye. Hm.
Bta 6 should have it fixed. BUT you will still need Internet Explorer 5 (I believe EVERYONE should have that!)
Go get Beta 6.