Windows 7 RTM + Latest stable Eraser = Not working


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Eraser 5.8.7
Windows 7 Build 7600 (it's legal, i have a technet)

the CLI works, but whenever I startup, or whenever I try to run or runas admin i get a popup saying

"The procedure entry point ?IsProcessElevated@YA_NPAX@Z could not be located in the dynamic link library Eraser.dll"
Haha, no one doubts your legality ;)
I'm assuming you installed Eraser 5 after upgrading from an older version? If so, reinstall the old version and uninstall it completely before installing the new version. Alternatively, delete ALL Eraser.dll files in your system (there should only be one in C:\Windows\System32) and reinstall. If that doesn't work, please check the version of Eraser.dll in the System32 folder and post here.