windows 7 support for eraser


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does eraser support windows 7when i execute it and attempt to do a task i get this error message

unhandled exception has occured
Just to add to our knowledge, which variant of Windows 7 are you using?

I had a similar (though not exactly the same) problem, on Win 7 Home Premium x64 , and have discussed the issues with Joel. It seems to be an issue with the Microsoft runtime files; different programs install (often silently) different variants of the Microsoft runtime, and this seems to be creating issues in Windows 7 (Eraser is not the only application I know to fall foul of it). Perhaps, as time goes on, programmers will learn to recognise and avoid the pitfalls. For the present, the best advice is to try the latest nightly build on the 6.2 fork, from the Eraser downloads page, and see if that works any better for you; it did for me.

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thanks for your response, i downloaded the latest 6.2 and it seems to be better, i have not finished testing but i am past the point where it went down before

i am using windows 7 professional
forty-six said:
I am using windows 7 professional
32 or 64 bit? That's probably the most important categorisation.

I'm glad it's working better.

Hi, I think I've isolated the cause for this bug, or at least one of the reasons that Eraser will crash on startup.

In my case, it was caused by one of W7's excellent screen scaling function. If I use the "small" (default) setting, Eraser works perfectly. However, if I use "medium" (125%), Eraser will immediately crash any time you try to run it.

I use W7 Ultimate x86. If you're unfamiliar with the scaling feature, you go into "Screen Resolution" then "Make text and other items larger or smaller".

For me, this is kind of a killer bug... my laptop's screen resolution is 1280x800 and it's only 13/14" diagonal. On "medium" size, all eye strain is eliminated and the computer's suddenly SO much easier to use.

I hope you guys will be able to get this fixed soon. Great program by the way.
nawoa said:
Hi, I think I've isolated the cause for this bug ... In my case, it was caused by one of W7's excellent screen scaling function.
I'm sure this has been reported before. What version of Eraser are you using? The issue might have been fixed if you try a recent nightly build.

I don't think the nightlies will fix this. I'm a little tied up at the moment, so I can't debug this, but it's already in Trac and due for review.

I also could use a higher resolution screen -- anyone wants to donate? :p