Windows 7 unused space erase disk full

With Eraser 6.06, doing an erase unused space on Windows 7, I get a disk full condition before the erase is even complete. Fortunately, I can delete many files that have actually already been erased, as noted elsewhere in this forum, and if I'm quick enough, the erase will continue to its end, where I can then delete the rest of the files hat have been erased. Don't know why it isn't deleting the files on the fly, which would seem much more logical.
I intend to install 6.07 later today, but I am not confident that it fixes this problem. Any comments?
6.0.7 should be an update you should install, even if it doesn't explicitly fix your problem. The problem may well continue to happen, since the root cause is yet to be found, but secondary causes would at least be rectified in this release.