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I Have been running eraser from time to time, but never let it run to completion. Now it is in the Erasing Unused Space...Old resident file system and file tables...90%.

I got an alert that my C drive was out of space. There is a large folder in the root of C 'p))]9av4RvIO2levR full of a ton of file entries that are 221,184 Kb in size now. The whole folder is 742 GB. So I'm thinking this is the cause of the out of space. I'm wonder what could have caused this, and if it is ok to simply delete this folder.

The laptop That this is running on is not being used other than eraser running on it. I just bought a new laptop and am using it for the time being. This laptop can also be totally wiped, so if the file system is messed up, no big deal for me.

.... but never let it run to completion .... what could have caused this ....
Aborting erase prevents auto deletion of the erase cache.

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Re: Erasing empty disk space
by Joel

There's a folder in the root of your drive with a random filename and with random filenames inside, with files of a constant size which is using your space. Delete that.

Delete the folder which contains a randomly-named name, containing random filenames (quite a few dozen) with most of them either <1KB or all of a constant size. That's your folder with missing space.