windows 98 erasure


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Hi Guys
It seems I need 5.7 vs to erase files under win 98 from info under your downloads. Where might I get it and what is the cost. Thanks
The Eraser page on Sourceforge and it's free, respectively.

I see that the SourceForge download page includes an installable version 5.7, but not a portable version. Is a portable version still available that works on Windows 98? Or can a portable version be made from the installable version 5.7? If so, how?

Thanks very much.
I am sorry that I don't know the answer to your question. I don't even know if there ever was a version 5.7 portable; I haven't found any clear references to it on the web. You could try the portable 5.8.8, to see if that runs on Windows 98.

If all you want to do is clear an old Windows 98 machine, you could try DBAN. Alternatively (and more messily), you could take the drive out of the Windows 98 machine, attach it (using a caddy or whatever) to a more modern machine, and use Eraser (installed or portable) from there.

5.7 is no longer support, and there was no 5.7 portable version, unfortunately.