Windows Media Centre Problem


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Hey All,

I am considering using DBAN to wipe my HD after several unsuccesful attempts to format with a copy of XP i had. I am pretty new to DBAN and just wondering how easy it is to operate and what kind of time scale am i looking at for getting my PC up and running again?


this is the eraser forum, the DBAN forum is over that way -----> ;)

It depends on the size of the hard drive. Mine is 80GB. I usually do a 4 pass PRNG wipe with the final pass verified , which takes about 2.5 to 3 hours in total.

I've never had any problems with DBAN. On my old computer I started it via floppy disk, on my current computer, I have no floppy disk drive, and use a CD. It runs very easy.

If you have any worries, it might be better posting in the DBAN forum, where you'll get more feedback.