Windows Restore & Forensics & Eraser


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First, When installing Win XP as a default the system restore is on.
What does it store?

Secondly, lets say you go ahead and make a' Restore" point, then you wash your system with Eraser, will it touch that restore point?

Third, what if you turn off restore and delete the restore point, then wash it, does it overwrite the data form that restore point that was deleted?

Last, has anyone done any research by taking several drives using the product below and verifying with forensics tools on which does what it claims?

1) Eraser
2) Wipe Drive / Secure Clean by white Canyon Software
3) Window Washer
4) BC Wipe

First, ... What does it store? - See ... store.mspx

Secondly, ... will it touch that restore point? - No (if you use Erase unused space); Yes (if you Erase specific restore point files). Third, ... does it overwrite ... restore point that was deleted? - Yes. See for yourself. Restore point files are in the System Volume Information folder of any monitored system drive.

Last ... I tried Restoration 2.5.14 on hard drive, USB memory stick and DVD+RW wiped (1 pass) with Eraser 5.7. Files were not recoverable.