Windows Storage Spaces Secure Erase??


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On a WIndows 8.1 system set up with New'ish windows storage spaces will Eraser securely wipe files on normal hard drives (not SSD, I understand SDD's don't work in the same way).

I am planning on using two drives in Mirror mode.

Generally referring to a file or files & not the whole hard disk but also whole drives would be of interest and utilities that wipe "Free Space" like ccleaner.

I am new Windows "storage spaces" but from what I understand is it does not work in the normal way writing to drives & unlikely to overwrite the same location.

I v.loosley believe that when a file is deleted it behaves a little like an SSD & just releases the file area back into the main pool.

I did read that normal file recovery programs may struggle to find the file as not in the system as normal but the data is still there. It is made available again a little like TRIM.

Any ideas?
Thanks I/A