WinSolo & Eraser


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Firstly thanks for a Great Product.........Love it and cant live without it.
Albeit Im a newbie in file erasing, but the other day I was able to download a product called "Winsolo" [Free of course for Win 95& 98]. Anyway the Winsolo shuts down all running applications including Explorer and the System tray. It then gives you the option to use only one application. Basically it was developed for CD Burning. All you do is locate "eraser.exe" using the browse button. Eraser will appear and allow you to delete all those dat. files.
Admin please check and see if I am correct as I say Im a newbie and could be wrong.

Once again thanks for the great product.



Ps. Heres the link for Winsolo hope its okay admin? ...
Thanks for the info. I will mention this to the win9x users and add it to the FAQ.