Wipe free disk space hanging


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This is an old problem, but there were mentions of the devs having trouble replicating it, so I thought to throw my hat in the ring (and maybe see if there's any updated reccomendations while I'm at it).

I'm wiping the free disk space of a 1TB internal drive (Seagate Barracuda, if it makes any difference). I am using a 1 pass pseudorandom wipe. Connection is SATA 3, OS is Win 8 64bit, 16 GB of RAM. Can't remember how fast the computer is but it's a gaming PC, so it's pretty fast. I'm using the latest stable version, (downloaded from SourceForge 2 days ago).

The wiping process is hanging on the Old Resident File System Table at 90% completetion, 0% of pass 1 of 1. The entire process started at 9:45 PM last night, ran all night, and was still not complete by the time I left this morning at around 7:20 AM. I didn't discover how to access the dialogue box until I was nearly out the door, but I eyeballed it several times during the night (didn't sleep well) and it seemed to have gotten stuck at the file system table for at least 2-3 hours.

Other info:
- This drive is less than one week old (I need to exchange it, hence wiping before I return). So the MFT taking longer than usual on old drives probably doesn't apply.
- Other than the "can't delete cluster tips" message at the beginning, there was no other errors in the log.
- This was a storage drive; there is no Windows or any system file on it that I know of.
- I am wiping the full 1 TB wipe (I first shredded the files on it, then wiped the free space - not realizing until afterwards I'd just be re-wiping the file sectors I'd just wiped), which I understand should take a while, but it has been hanging at the roughly 90% mark for a while.
- When I left, there was still disk activity on that drive on the Task Manager (hence my leaving it while I go to work).

If it is still hanging by the time I return from work, I will probably cancel it and just run a Full Format on it (which I understand on Windows 8 does a zero write anyway). I'd be open to other suggestions, but I must return the drive by tomorrow so I might not be useful for extended troubleshooting. Of course, if there's other errors or whatnot (or if it completes!) by the time I get home, I'll come back and update that too.

I hope this helps the devs somewhat.