Wipe free space fills up HDD


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Greetings all,

I am curious as to why eraser (as well as ALL other similar software) fills up the hdd with random files until there is not a single Byte or bit free, and THEN when the wipe is done those files are deleted.

As I ran this on my boot drive/os HDD during the night it too was filled with these random files but it rendered explorer unresponsive and I had to bust out process hacker (taskmanager, through ctrl-alt-del) to kill both eraser and explorer.exe in order to be able to delete those random files and gain access to computer once again.
I also remember that before windows 7, when I used XP and vista, and ran PGP desktop version of wipe free space, it never filled the disk with random stuff until completely full.

Does this really have anything to do with windows 7 and/or the fact that I now run a 64-bit os? I would really like to be able to clear free space once in a while without having it fill up my drive completely.

Currently I am running on a windows 7 ultimate laptop, latest stable eraser version (

At this point I don't think there are other ways of doing this. I'm afraid you'll have to bear with it.