Wipe Free Space Interrupted


New Member

I apologize if there is a previous post regarding this matter already. I did a search or two about this but could not find any relevant information.

Anyhow, I was running a "Wipe Free Space" operation using the "Pseudorandom Data - One pass". It was nearly completed, with the green status bar about more than 80 percent complete.

The power happened to go out -- we had bad weather -- and upon restarting the computer, I had noticed that:

a) the operation had been canceled;
b) more than 600 Gigs were still occupied -- due to the fact that the task was interrupted.

Now my question is: how do I rectify this? I only now have about 5 gigs left on the machine. Is it possible to get rid of these random files or continue the operation from its previous progress?

Thank you.