Wipe Pattern Question about DOS version of Eraser


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I absolutely love the DOS version of Eraser as I find it very useful for wiping files that Windows XP locks when it's running, such as the swap file for example. However, I am curious to know exactly what kind of wipe pattern does it use to perform this function? I know the user can specify the amount of times to wipe with the "-passes" option, but is it just using a simple "psedorandom pass" overwrite, or one of the other "robust" patterns?

If it's just a simple one, would it be pointless to try to wipe a file in DOS an "x amount of times" to equate a more thorough pass, like DoD 7-pass wipe, for example?
It's been 2 weeks but no one has replied, so I thought I'd bump this to the top. I just hope that my question wasn't too stupid.

What I don't understand though is that I got a notification by email that someone replied to this thread, but when I clicked on the link in the email, the forum tells me that the thread doesn't exist?!?
In the help file of eraser is the answer to Question. Look in the folder "Advanced Topics", chapter "Overwriting Methods in detail". Don't get upset over the board software, it freguently is unreachable for me. People don't post offen because the things that didn't work when the beta first came out still don't work properly after 4 months, well not the only reason.