Wiped files placed in list


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Hi all,

As per my title, I'm having a problem with 6.2 that I don't know if it's working incorrectly or it's by design.

I have a MAJOR security problem. Every file I wipe manually gets listed (by it's real path and name) in the 'Erase Schedule' view (under the 'Tasks executed manually' section). When I say 'manually' I mean that I right click on the file, point to 'Eraser' then 'Erase' then 'Yes'.

Under the 'Next run' section it says 'Not queued' and the 'Status' section is blank.

Even after I completely close then re-open Eraser it's still there. Of course, there is the option to right click on the name of that path and file and select 'Delete task', but it's not a 'task', it was just a manually deleted file.

In 'Settings' I have a check mark by 'Automatically remove tasks which run immediately and completed successfully', but it doesn't. It gets listed and stays there even after a successful deletion.

I'm using 64-bit Windows 10, if that provides any useful information.

I don't really know what else I can do to fix this since like I said I have checked the option to 'Automatically remove tasks which run immediately and completed successfully' which seems like it would fix exactly what I'm talking about but it doesn't.

Any help will be appreciated.