Wiped out O/S


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help! i think I may have erased my O/S. I have a windows 98 and was erasing some files and it seemed to continue for a while and when I came back the entire system was locked up. I had to unplug all electricity to restart. Then it said "missing operating system". I tried to use a reboot disc that would restore it to factory specifications nothing happened. it would not even read the cd. is there anything I can do to get it rebooted/ thank you!!!
Hi jcp

What version of Eraser were you using and what files did you select to erase ?
I'm not sure which version 5.4? I was trying to erase some document files and some program files. Thanks. I hope i did not have c;drive on the erase pad I'm not sure I did but can't think of why all was erased. thanks again
Hi jcp

Which erase method did you use ? Was it the first and last 2kb option and did you attempt to wipe the free space with that ?
Missing O/S

I opened eraser and it had explorer on the bottom. i pulled the files from explorer and opened task and hit run all. i didn't want to erase the free space. thanks
Hi jcp

To be honest from what you are describing I suspect you may have accidentally dragged and wiped an important system file.

There isn’t much you can do about it, other than backing up what you can and re-installing the OS.

Missing O/S

Hi! I have a restoration disc but when I load it and start the computer it wont read the cd disk. It just sits there and I can't seem to do anything. looking for a way to get the computer to read the restoration disk. Thanks'