Wiping before returning to manufacturer


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OK it's a bit late to ask as my computer is sat at home running a DoD wipe at the moment.

The thing is I've just seen http://www.cipherserver.com/phpbb2/viewtopic.php?t=409 and now I'm a bit concerned. That post mentions serial numbers getting wiped. I assume this refers to the serial number of the disk.

The disk I'm wiping is going back to maxtor under warranty, should I be worried about the serial number being wiped and then maxtor sending it back?
DBAN will not remove serial numbers from hard disks.

The post that you reference is asking for a feature that makes it easier to get serial numbers from DBAN the log file.
ah ok, wasn't sure if it had menat just recording the serial numbers of the drives being wiped or recording the serial numbers that have been wiped.

Panic over. :oops:

I did the same thing before returning my hard drive RMA...I'm not shipping a hard drive out to strangers with all my data intact.

The only thing they check are the serial number stickers on the outside of the drive. DBAN would need some serious voodoo magic to wipe those out. :)
Lol, with the heat the drive was generating it could have removed the serial numbers on the outside! :p