Wiping drive free space


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I am using Eraser version to erase the free space on a partition on my hard drive that is approximately 94 GB in size with about 34 GB of files. I had already erased the free space on my C drive with no apparent problems. When trying to erase this partition, however, Eraser appears to be filling the drive with files that are stated as having a size of 221,184 MB and which have random character names such as "!Q4(6CvdbjtCIuUg3e". These files are all contained within a folder with a random name - the latest is "'8jeT4mFSTD0vnO!iE". I have not checked the "Replace erased files with the following files to allow plausible deniability" box although I may have had it checked the first time I ran this on this partition. I am using the US DoD 5220.22-M(8-306./E)(3 passes) method for unused space on the drive. In all cases I get a low drive space warning. This last time I closed a large unlabeled window that opened at the end and the drive was returned to it's approximate 33% usage but the other times it appears to have left these files in place. Is this normal operation?
Yes, this is normal operation. Nothing to get worried about.