Wiping files with long names?


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Does the latest version of Eraser support wiping files with long names? It's 2008 and there should come a point where you should stop hindering the development of Eraser just because a few people are still running Windows 98.

If Eraser can't do it, is there another CLI program that can wipe both files and metadata with long names?
Has there been a version of Eraser that didn't support long file names? You're not using the DOS version are you?
I just tried the GUI version and you're right, that can wipe long file names. However I need to use the CLI version (eraserd.exe) and that can't.

Sdelete is a CLI wiping program that supports long file names. However, it can only wipe the file, not the file name. :(
Have you tried eraserl.exe? It still pops up windows though unless you tell it to be quiet.
People always confuse EraserD with EraserL.

EraserD is a DOS-ONLY program. This is NOT meant to be run within a command prompt (though it can). This is meant to be run in a DOS-only computer (i.e., not running Windows AT ALL).

EraserL is a command-line starter for Eraser. This can ONLY be run within a Windows command prompt and supports the new features of filesystems (long names, etc).

I have had recurring problems getting rid of very long file names, often generated by use of AOL email services and posting comments on Newspaper sites, these file name often contained unique user names and account details.

I fiddled around trying renaming the files, but kept getting error messages from Window's.

My solution

After getting rid of them by trial and error (I can't remember how I did it!) I decided to:

1. Use the sanboxie.com program and place the Container on a newly created dedicated hard disk partition.
2. When the long file problem is evident and I can't get rid of them through Eraser or any standard way, I format the dedicated partition and then user Eraser to erase all the resulting unused space. This gets rid of everything.

I can usually tell when long files are evident in the sandboxie Container as Eraser cannot erase specific folders.

Hope this is helpful.