Wiping unused disk space won't finish


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Admittedly I don't know much about computers, but I've tried several times with version 6.0.10 on Windows 8 64bit. I am doing a 3-pass wipe, and it gets about 80-90% complete after maybe 10 hours, but then never goes any further. I have run the program for a couple days and it won't move past that point.

I also get the "low disk space" message, although I expected that. I have run a similar program on my iphone (ishredder) and that message popped up as well, but the program said that would happen and it ended up finishing with no problem. On my PC my C drive went to 0kb available, but now hovers between 100-200mb available while stuck at the 90% mark, so the message isn't popping up currently.

Any ideas as to why it would be stuck here? Thanks.