Won't Erase Files on Drive D:


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I just installed Win7 last week after using Eraser on XP for years. I have three hard drives C:, D: & F: Eraser will erase files on C: and F: but will not erase anything on D: Each time it says, 'Erased with errors' (or words like that), but in fact nothing was erased. The problem seems to be a "Permissions" problem. When I try to delete a file with Windows it says 'You need Administrator permission to delete this file' I can click continue and it deletes the file. But, I can't Erase the file.

Anybody know how I overcome this problem?

By the way, drive D: is an internal drive used in a USB enclosure. C: & F: are actually installed in the computer.
Which version of Eraser are you using? If it is version 6 (which, with Windows 7 is the better version to use), information on running the program as Administrator can be found in the FAQ (link below) post on 'Getting to Know Eraser 6'.

Thanks for your reply.

Yes, that gives an elaborate procedure for doing it. But, I use Eraser on individual files selectively and at various times using the right click menu. To have to follow that procedure each time I delete a file is more than I hope to do.
It's not that complex :) But I do agree that a simple context menu erase is better, which is a matter of getting your drive D: to behave.

First, I suggest that (if you have not already done so) you do use the procedure described to test whether files will erase when you are running as Administrator. If it does, permissions are almost certainly the issue. So then it's a matter of taking ownership of the folders on Drive D:, by having your current user (which must, as I suspect it will, have administrator status) take ownership of these folders. You do this in the folder Properties|Security tab|Advanced|Owner tab|Change owner to ...