Would this be enough?


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Hello. I used Eraser to delete some files off an external hard drive. I used these settings.

British HMG IS5 (Enhanced) (3 passes)
Pseudorandom Data (1 pass)

When I deleted the files on the hard drive I right clicked on the file and used Eraser instead of using Eraser on the entire external hard drive. After that I did a quick format on the external hard drive. I just want to delete those specific files to prevent recovery tools from getting it. I want to know would this be enough for those specific files to be securely deleted. I don't want to use Eraser on the enitre hard drive as it would take far too long considering how big the external hard drive is.

Thank you.
If the external drive is a normal magnetic drive and you have not been editing the files on the drive you should be ok.

If you have been editing the files there probably will exist fragments on the drive and you need to consider a full wipe of the drive.

If the drive is solid state then you need to do a full wipe of the drive to get all blocks.

A single pass erase is probably sufficient if you consider wiping the entire drive.

Make your judgement based on the criticality of the data you stored.