Write/Erase in chunks


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Is there a way to change the behavior in the way Eraser writes/erases during a wipe of unused space? Specifically, I am running a recurring erase schedule on a drive using psuedorandom method. The drive fills up completely prior to deleting (as expected); however, on drives that are supporting constant writes (ie., database server) we find that we get timeouts from our applications due to the drive being full.

What I would like to do is configure Eraser to write/erase in chunks, so that the drive will never be filled.
To wipe the free space correctly you need the drive to be in a steady state otherwise you could destroy your database server if it filled the disk at the same moment the database is trying to do a commit of transactions.

If you are trying to wipe documents it might be better to create a truecrypt volume to store them and just delete the whole volume each time.