Wrongly erase some useful USB flash drive files


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Yesterdays, when trying to erase some outdated videos and world files, I just mistakenly erased another image folder with similar name. Do you know whether there are solutions for me to get these erased stuffs back? I am now searching for more detailed information on the internet. If you do have any idea to my problem, please answer me as soon as possible. Thank you in advance!
I am sorry to hear that your needed image folder is mistakenly erased. But, it is not impossible to get them back.
From now on, stop using this USB flash drive in case of any unwanted overwriting and plunge it to computer to see whether they could be retrieved back at the aid of some data recovery software(like Recuva, 4Card Recovery and iCare Data Recovery Free, etc.)

Just search related key words on the internet and you can find many such programs. Based on your own conditions, just select a proper one carefully.

If you successfully rescue every erased file back, also remember to save them on another device, not this USB flash drive in case of data recovery failure.

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Hey! Keep the below tips in mind as you proceed to recover drive folder:
1). Nothing is guaranteed. Any improper operation can make your drive data irrecoverable, like new data overwriting. Moreover, even if the data shows as recoverable, you may find some or all of these drive stuffs to be corrupted and irrecoverable. So, there is no guarantee that you can completely get everything back.
2). Do NOT perform any write processes on the drive. Just leave this drive alone and avoid writing anything new on it. Any form of write to the source drive can increase the complexity of the recovery.
3). Apply some drive data recovery software to rescue your needed data as much as possible.
Here is tutorial that can tell you more about unformatted drive data recovery:
If the data is extremely important for you, you may also spend some money to regain them when any data recovery software makes no change.
NO matter what happens again, never forget to make data backups on different devices.
Do you have any luck to rescue your erased image folder back?
If you do, just immediately back up all rescued photos on different places.
But, if you do not have luck to rescue them back, check the searched thread and see whether the provided clues of camera memory card recovery could help you out:
No matter what happens to you in the future, always double check your drive files before formatting or deleting process.