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Is there need for an x64 version

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What benefits would a 64-bit version have that the 32-bit version doesn't?

The hard drive is the same in either system.
Well, the program would work for starters. You seem able to install, but the right click context menu does not work, also the trash bin context options are not there!
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I have also tried it on x64. The version I have 5.7 -- will not erase files and the features to wipe freee space on schedule and to wipe the swap file on shutdown seem to hang the system preventing turn off of the computer. I would appreciate a version that workd with x64.
I've used eraser for so long that I can't remeber now. Its just one of those essential tools in your toolbox that you feel lost without it. Simply there isn't any better commercial program or otherwise out there that can do its just so simply and elegant that eraser has.