XP does not start after erasing other hard disk


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to sell an old harddisk (one primary partition on it) I put it on the IDE-cable of the DVD-Drive an had eraser run over night.

In the morning I saw the windows logo on the screen and the blue squares in the block running endlessly. After restart XP froze at a certain point. Only safe mode is possible. With safe mode everything looks fine, all data seems intact.

Where is the problem? What has Eraser deleted in the PC-system that now prevents XP from booting normally?



PS.: Funny: The actual boot disk is a clone. I installed the original hard-disk that I still have at home and windows also freezes when starting!!!??? Here too only booting in safe mode possible!

Because of that I assume that Windows on the harddisk is not damaged, Eraser must have done something to the registry or bios or MBR when overwriting the other disk that is now valid for all disks even with a correct operating system ...