ZIP-File Version 5.8.8 broken


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Hi to all,

the ZIP-File Eraser 5.8.8 is damaged.

I want to extract with 7-Zip

Here the result.

7z x "Eraser 5.8.8"
7-Zip 4.65 Copyright (c) 1999-2009 Igor Pavlov 2009-02-03
Processing archive: Eraser 5.8.8
Extracting Eraser Standalone
Extracting Eraser Standalone\Eraser.dll
Extracting Eraser Standalone\Eraser.exe
Extracting Eraser Standalone\Eraserl.exe
Extracting Eraser Standalone\ErsChk.exe
Extracting Eraser Standalone\Licence.txt CRC Failed
Sub items Errors: 1

I would be glad if you could help me.
Many thanks
Thank you, a new copy has been uploaded. It seems as though the symbolic links used when I build the zip were broken.