"Zone.Identifier:$DATA,it had more than one"... what mean ?


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I got some files in a group of 30 or 40 files unerased.

Error: Failed to erase all (alternate) data streams from file E:\buffer\01.wmv:Zone.Identifier:$DATA,it had more than one.

I could not find anywhere what does this mean.
I had tried the erasing right clicking the highlited group of files and choosing "erase" from the dropdown menu.
Of course the unerased files went not away from the Explorer window. They were still highlited. So I right clicked again on them, and tried an erasing again. This second time it worked.

This happens always when I try to erase a goup of files of more than 10-12 pieces.

My OS is Windows XP Professional Service Pack 3
I had on my sistem Eraser v5.8.6.0. At this point I uninstalled it and installed the last stable version:, but nothing changed.

Thanks to anyone who could help !
Do you have any error messages before that? This error message isn't really helpful (I know, but it's old code -- I'll probably remove this message in the next beta)