3 Excel Password Unlockers

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Let’s take a look at some Excel Password Unlocker Software out there, most of them free! Note: some may impose file size restrictions, e.g. Password-Find does not support files larger than 10MB.


Simple to use: No need to install any software; you upload your file onto their website.
Costs: Outlined below
File Formats: PDF, Ms. Word, Ms. Excel, Ms. PowerPoint, 7z, WinRAR, WinZip
Recovery Methods:
Weak Password Recovery: FREE
Weak password recovery is free and fast (a few minutes). It uses a dictionary of 3 million weak passwords. Chances of recovery are around 22%.
Strong Password Recovery: Pay on Success – current price $29
You only pay for a successful recovery. It can take up to 24 hours. It uses a dictionary of 20+ billion real passwords. The password is recovered successfully in more than half of cases; around 61%
Brute Force with a Mask: Price on request
Brute force attacks or brute force cracking are when all possible characters that exist are tried until it hits on a combination that works. 100% success rate if correct mask (set of characters) is given.
For example, if you can remember that your password consisted of 8 or 9 characters, perhaps starts with “444,” and the remaining characters are lowercase letters (English alphabet), then that makes the search process a lot easier.

Password Online

Simple to use: No need to install any software; you upload your file onto their website.
Cost: 10 EUR – only payable if recovery is successful.
File Formats: doc, docx, xls, xlsx, ppt, mdb, pdf, rar, zip, 7zip, eoc etc.
Recovery Methods:
Instant Password Recovery
For weak passwords.
Password Reset
Sometimes, it is possible to reset the password inside the actual file itself.
Dictionary Attack
This method uses a dictionary. Every word in the dictionary is tried. This method is usually faster than Brute Force Attack.
Brute Force Attack
This type of attack tries every possible character combination in a given set, in the hope of password recovery. This method is usually very successful, if the correct set of characters is given.
Variation in Password
This method uses the possibility of the password having been mistyped or a missing character.
Plain Text Password Attack
This method is used mostly with Zip files.


Simple to use: No need to install any software; you simply upload your file onto their website.
Cost: Payment is only upon successful recovery.
File Formats: It works with Ms. Excel, Ms. Word, Ms. PowerPoint files and VBA Projects.
Service Statistics:
MS Office 97-2003 100%
MS Office 97-2003 CSP 81%
MS Office 2007-10 80%
MS Office 2013-19 78%
Recovery Methods: They don’t seem to outline their recovery methods on their website.
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