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    SourceForge Download Page - For Garrett

    Hi Garrett, You may want to take a quick look at Erasers SourceForge download page. The 5.5.4 release is listed in the 5.6 category section (above the actual 5.6 release). Also, the 5.6 release notes seem to have been lost on SourceForge when 5.6a was released (and, of course, the 5.5.4...
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    System Restore - WinME

    I believe this is because Windows will automatically delete System Restore points when it runs low on hard drive space in the system partition. To my knowledge, this is true in all versions of Windows that support System Restore points (which, if I recall correctly, includes both Windows ME and...
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    Covering your tracks

    Gusti is correct. CD-ROMs are read-only (created using a special pressing machine), and therefore cannot be erased with a standard CD-R or CD-RW drive. CD-Rs are write-once media, and therefore I do not believe any standard CD-R or CD-RW drive can erase any section of the media that has...
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    INFO2 Records - For Garrett

    Hi Garrett! A quick question for you... in another thread, you posted that "Encrypting the swap file ... will not help with temp files, INFO2 records, or all the other bits strewn around the disk by programs." I am wondering, what are INFO2 records? I have never heard that term, and a...
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    Cluster slack space wiping

    Your point is well taken, and 100% valid. However, with large hard drive sizes these days (and only getting bigger), it is common for partitions to be many gigabytes in size. As such, wiping the entire partition is a very long and strenuous process (both for the hard drive and the user[;)])...
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    Erasing Index.dat

    quote:Originally posted by jsb1 I examined the files themselves (not that I dont trust what IE is displaying, mind you[;)]). The files appear to be used by lots of apps (not just IE). AFAIK, they are used by IE, Windows Explorer (the Windows Shell), and anything that relies on the IE...
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    index.dat and internet cache

    quote:Originally posted by Ultraviolet ...I do all this by a batch file now though, run it every night and the temp files and such like are gone [:D] Would you mind cut and pasting the relevant lines from your batch file that performs this operation? Im very curious to see how you...
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    Erasing email "deleted files"

    Theres making a big assumption in the above post. The assumption is that when a user moves a message from one OE folder to another, that the content is actually securely wiped from the previous folders dbx file. Thats a pretty huge assumption, and given that Microsoft wrote the application...
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    Cluster slack space wiping

    Is it possible for eraser to just wipe the cluster slack space for a selected group of files (only selected files)? Not wiping the actual files, of course. If not, would it be a reasonable feature request?
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    Erasing Index.dat

    quote: It looks like IE6 on XP properly clears the index.dats except for TIF/Content.IE5/index.dat. I realize that clear is different from erase, but its a start. If you cant see them in IE6, they may have been cleared, or they may just be lightly encoded. For example, they could still...
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    New Eraser User 2

    If you right-click on a folder in Windows Explorer, and then erase it, it will erase the folder as well. Garrett or Sami will have to let us know if it wipes the actual clusters that the folder itself occupied (a folder is really just a file with a special attribute set - at least in...
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    Erasing Index.dat

    1. Thanks. I must have missed it. I wonder how it does it. 2. Internet Explorer will create index.dat files for each user on the system. It will also create index.dat files for a system level user (not admin). Im a little fuzzy on this "system level" user, but it generally refers to when IE...
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    Eraser 5.6

    What Garrett says is very true. Heres my recommendation: 1) Store all your email on a seperate storage partition (with encryption enabled if that is an option). 2) Load you email client. 3) Send your unwanted email to your email clients recycle bin or trash can. 4) Empty trash in email...
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    Small mistake on site

    quote:Originally posted by admin I have disabled signatures on the postings so no more annoying checkbox. Garrett Test post... yes you have! Great! [:D][:D][:D] And in response to your other note... youre very welcome. [:)]
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    Erasing Index.dat

    I might be totally blind, but I dont see where it says Spiderbite will erase index.dat. I only see that it will extract URLs from it and present them to you. And how could it be able erase it if eraser cant?