Eraser 586a Released

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Thanks for the new packs, the first one posted in this thread 5.86a still has the problem I had where the extension installed is the x86 version.

The old style msi installer however works flawlessly so thanks a lot for that.

Thats on XP x64 SP2.
Eraser 5.86a Solution

Problem -- If you got this error:
An installer package for the product Eraser cannot be found. Try the installation again using a valid copy of the installation package ‘EraserSetup32.msi’.
Must of the time, someone tried to delete all files from the Application without using the uninstaller
1 – These files “Eraser.dll, Erasext.dll and eraserl.exe” have been left behind in: C:\WINDOWS\system32
2 – Just delete them (just get an Unlocker if you can't...)
3 – Get an old version of EraserSetup584x32
Do the process to install it and when asking to fix or uninstall, check uninstall, than Finish
4 – Download the new installer Eraser 5.86a and install it…

This is an excellent application – I recommended to all

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Hi Monk, :)

Welcome to the Eraser forums and thank you for your contribution.
lussato said:
hi! :D
Could anyone confirm last version md5sum (0ae20406b2c03c0886b419f61911a857)? :?:

thank you! :wink:

Eraser 5.86a hash is

MD5 0ae20406b2c03c0886b419f61911a857

SHA1 ad3b8f317bdeb0a2b4436dd991e246d8ed3468a4
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