Eraser and Windows 2000 SP4


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I think Eraser is at least partially incompatible with Windows 2000 SP4. I did not have trouble erasing with "data streams" checked in preferences or erasing the recycle bin via right-click until I installed Microsoft's SP4 patch . Ever sense, file erase ( right-click file - erase ) many times will give an error "Could not erase data stream - had more then one " if you are doing a multi-file erase it is a given that more than likely at least one of the files will produce this error. Also, Erase recycle bin has been "looping / getting stuck " on a file, forcing me to cancel. I declicked data-streams on the preferences and now file erase seems to be working, But I am still having problems with the Recycle bin erase, so I have stopped that in favor of free space which erases the free space used by the recycle bin as well as all the other free space.

I am useing Windows 2000 - SP4 , 128K Ram , 20G HardDrive - NTFS, Eraser 5.7
First thank you for this useful freeware tool.

But I can, no, I must ;) confirm post above, for me it's even worser.
W2k Prof. SP4, Eraser v5.7 downloaded today.

When using context menu (right click) to erase a file, the hole explorer gets an hourglass and doesnt stop, so I have to restart, regardless of rightclicking a file or a folder.

Its clearly related to eraser v5.7, after uninstalling it, context menu worked fine again.


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Turning off background entropy polling in General Preferences should do the trick.
Hi Gekko. I'm the second poster here.

Indeed i installed again and it works fine so far without your mentioned setting.
Cannot remember if i checked that at my first installation. Anyway, it works for instance. Will notice here if it doesnt in future.

Thanks for help.