eraser found to be a trojen?



dear sirs
I have a program called pestpatrol and it found eraser to have a trojen!
why is this ? I have had this program before and none was found now it has been found can anyone explain I have removed it from my system I do not trust it anymore :twisted: :cry:


We have been notified by a two users that Spy Guard and Pest Patrol find Eraser to be Spyware.
We have since emailed both Pest Patrol and Spy Guard in an effort to find out why.

As soon as we get feedback, we will inform you.

Thank you for your observation.

Finola (Heidi Computers Limited
Personally, I don't trust Pest Patrol because they have been known to pick up false trojans and then try to persuade you to buy their products if the users want them removed. It's part of their deceptive marketing schemes. Never trust them! :wink:
Thanks for the feedback - very informative and very interesting.

We phoned Pest Patrol today in Pennsylvania as well as some previous contact by email/help system. Someone is meant to be getting back to us on this. Let's hope they do...

I already sent an email to Pest Patrol. Once I received their reply, I will let you know. They better have good explanation regarding a trojan found in eraser. :)
The following includes an email we received from Pest Patrol. They are looking into it for us.
Note: I have sent them the log.

Thanks, Finola (Eraser)
Thank you for your note about your product Eraser and PestPatrol's
detection of it. I will work with our research department to resolve
this issue. It would be helpful if we could have a PestPatrol log
showing the detection. Right now, I don't see Eraser listed on our
website (there is an entry in the index, but it goes to an error page,
which suggests that at one time we did have a page, but have removed it.
I do understand that even a listing in an index file is problematic,
even if there is not page describing the product, so we will address
that as well). I am traveling this week but I will get back to you with
a status next week after I've had a chance to investigate this a bit.


Tori Case
Dir, Product Management, eTrust PestPatrol
Computer Associates
This is the message we received from Spy Guard.

Finola (Eraser).


I will pass this on to our developers. If there is an issue they will try
to resolve it in a future build of the program. As for now, when it is
detected SpyGuard users can click Ignore and the program will remain intact.

SpyGuard Support
We received this follow-up message from Pest Patrol (below).
You will see from the email that they need to be sent a log that does not truncate the paths.
We did receive a screenshot and passed that onto them but like I say the paths were truncated in the pic.

Anyone out there have Pest Patrol?
Can they send us the screenshot they need?
Could you email it to

It would be greatly appreciated.

Finola (Eraser)

Pest Patrol Email below:
Hi Finola,

Thank you for sending the screen shot of the PestPatrol log.
Unfortunately the file info is sized such that the paths are truncated and
we cannot see what is actually detected (we need to see the actual files and
directory names). I will forward this to our research group but I suspect
they will ask me to get a copy of the actual log. To get a copy of the log,
here is what we need you to do:

1. Run PestPatrol and open the log.

2. Widen the 'File Info' column enough to see all the details and resend
the screen shot to me.

3. Click the 'Submit Log' button. When the 'Send My Log to PestPatrol
Center for Pest Research' window opens, copy and paste all of the text into
an email and send it to me. (Note: please don't click 'Send' because this
will get mixed in with all of our user's logs that are sent to our support

If you can get me this information it will be very helpful in figuring out
what is going on here.


Pest Patrol
I already sent you an email with attached screenshot of my log results. Glad to be of help. :D
Pest Patrol

My Pest Patrol classified 10 items in Eraser as Adware. I would like to know why as well.
18 Oct 2004 PestScan Report ("Pest Patrol")

Pest Patrol's on-line free PestScan (, as of 18 October 2004, classifies Eraser (I have installed Eraser 5.7) as a "Nuker", which they define as: "A program that disables a machine through damage to the registry, key files, the file system, etc." The specific PestScan listings under "Eraser - Nuker" are:
C:\Program Files\eraser\verify.exe
C:\Program Files\eraser\unins000.exe
C:\Program Files\eraser\examples\vb\eraserdll.bas
C:\Program Files\eraser\eraserl.exe
C:\Program Files\eraser\eraserd.exe
C:\Program Files\eraser\eraser.url
C:\Program Files\eraser\eraser.exe
C:\Program Files\eraser\boot\eboot.exe
C:\Program Files\eraser\boot\darik's boot and nuke.url

I find the last entry to be rather interesting - perhaps it is why the entire program is listed as a "Nuker"? Its contents are:
On that URL's page it states: "Darik's Boot and Nuke ("DBAN") is a self-contained boot floppy that securely wipes the hard disks of most computers. DBAN will automatically and completely delete the contents of any hard disk that it can detect, which makes it an appropriate utility for bulk or emergency data destruction." It would seem that a boot floppy would have to be used to "nuke" the hard drive. I don't know, off hand, if Eraser has a function to make use of DBAN, or if DBAN could be run other than from a boot floppy, i.e. directly from the hard drive itself.
I have forwarded the information you have kindly posted in relation to this topic to Pest Patrol.

It would seem that any program that writes to the registry (which most do during installation etc. in order to retain settings) is deemed Spyware by Pest Patrol.

Anyway, I will keep you posted on what they say.
Eraser showing as in Pest Patrol

After receiving reply from Heidi I followed links relating to problem.
Re installed Eraser scanned it, sent scan log to Pest Patrol as well as screen shots of file info expandeed. It appears Heidi have been asked to submit these but no one has except me as far as I can tell.
Hope the problem is resolved soon
This issue has now been passed onto another individual at PestPatrol. I have managed to forward them even more info. on the issue thanks to a very helpful Eraser user. I am awaiting their response and as soon as I find anything out I will post here.

Hi everyone,

I received the following email from Pest Patrol today:
Hello Finola,
Work is scheduled to begin on the review of your product today. I should
have some additional information for you shortly.
Pest Patrol

Please note that we also forwarded them some more screenshots (which were kindly furnished to us by an Eraser user).

We will keep you posted on this.

Finola (Admin)
Just use Ad-Aware, works great, and very few false info. Ad-ware detects more trojans than any other spy-ware software i have used. I purposely added 100 trojans and stuff on my drive, did test with Spy-bot, pest-patrol and Ad-aware. Out of the 3, only ad-aware got 95/100, Spy-Bot 84/100 and Pest-Patrol 76/100. Just stick to something that don't give false trojans.

Thats my $0.02.