Possibly destroyed firmware/hard disk/something



Just ran a manual run on my main harddisk, practically immediately there's a blue screen and windows is dumping memory to cache. Now windows won't boot and I think I'm stuck on a BIOS page. I don't know what happened, was the memory wiped? Is any of it recoverable? Do I need to reinstall Windows? I have no idea how this works.
Probably your drive has a fault. Running eraser could have hit the bad sectors. Just by creating a new document would trigger the same effect. If you can attach the disk to another PC, you might be able to read the contents otherwise its time to use your backups.
I now realise I got an UNEXPECTED_STORE_EXCEPTION error when running it, and instead of files, I set it to hard drives, before picking the partition with windows on it. What did I do when running that exactly?