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    Eraser crashed

    I hope this forum is being moderated although it looks like it is mostly spam posts... I ran Eraser on a scheduled task to erase unused space on my HDD. When I came back a dialog box was open saying that eraser had stopped working and needed to be closed. My HDD had no free space but I knew...
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    Possibly destroyed firmware/hard disk/something

    Just ran a manual run on my main harddisk, practically immediately there's a blue screen and windows is dumping memory to cache. Now windows won't boot and I think I'm stuck on a BIOS page. I don't know what happened, was the memory wiped? Is any of it recoverable? Do I need to reinstall...
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    Eraser doesn't want to start at all

    Hello, I apologise if this is the wrong forum for this kind of issue. I'm having trouble getting eraser to work at all. It worked for me correctly few weeks ago, but then out of the blue it stopped working at all. Whenever I try to run the exe, or even use the shell integrated functions all I...