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I am creating a schedule to run my c drive every Sunday at 12:30 am and my d drive which is a system restore drive on Monday morning at 12:30 am. I set these to run when my shut my computer off a night. So here is the problem. when I start my computer in the morning and open up the program and go to check the task lag there are no scheduled task they have just disappeared and there is no error message. I thought you could run the program while it is off a night
In the task properties dialog, did you set the task to be recurring? It's very easy to go to the schedule tab without doing this.

I love this idea that Eraser, or any other program might work when the computer is off ... :D

By default (you can change the setting) Eraser will run a missed task when it next starts up. For a recurring task, the entry should not be deleted from the task list. Please could you try the problem task again, and let us know the sequence of steps.

targy said:
I am a little confused on cluster tips. should I set the task to delete them
On Drive C:, possibly not, as there are many thousands of files which cannot be accessed, and of which the cluster tips cannot be erased; these files will produce error messages (which can safely be ignored)if you try to erase their cluster tips. On non-system drives, erasing cluster tips adds a little to privacy. But, for most users, I reckon that it's not a big thing either way.

It occurs to me that you may find it useful to read the 'Getting to know Eraser 6' topic in the FAQ (link below)

Ok at 8PM I set a reaccuring schedule to start tonight at 11:30 and running every Monday. It is 10:12PM and I went to recheck the schedule I set and it is not there. So the schedule I am setting is just disappearing. I am getting frustrated with this program and I am close to uninstalling it...
It's your call, but, if you uninstall it, you may find it difficult to get an open source alternative.

Please can you set up a non recurring task to erase the contents of the Recycle Bin - Erase Schedule|New task|Leave 'run manually' checked| Add Data|select Recycle Bin option|OK|OK, and let me know whether the task remains on the Erase Schedule (you don't need to run it).

I got it to run overnight, left the computer on and when I checked it ran and completed itself. I restarted my computer and the following error showed up. I am including the file...I never got to look at the task list


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Sorry I did not add the following. This was a reacurring run I did this before I got your message but at least we may be getting to the problem as it did reun
There could have been simply a corrupt task list (which was one of my candidates in any case), which might have been cleared by the crash.

Does Eraser start now? If not, what error message do you get? If it does, can you create the Recycle Bin task as described previously?

Noticed something new. I have two separate logins one for work and one for personel so today I set the task when I was on my work login and then logged out and went to my personal log in and the task disappeared and when I went back to my other log in it was gone there too
I ran the recycle bin first and then did the C drive. It ran perfectly with no error message but the recurring task list cleared itself again. I guess at this point I will have to re enter the task manually once a week which is not a problem just wish we could find out why
Tasks are not shared between users. You need to use the same user account to see the tasks. The task list should be saved automatically at shutdown. Which OS are you using?
If you were to Exit Eraser (from the system notification area aka tray) and restart it, do the tasks appear? If so, when you log off, are you using the "force log off" button in the "Windows is waiting for the following programs to close" notification?
If I am not loggin off and I restart the program yes the entries are still there

"force log off" button in the "Windows is waiting for the following programs to close" notification? I am lost on this one because I nave never seen this message and what would I be doing to get the message
yes, that notification.
I also encounter problem with recurrent schedule tasks. After setting up the task to erase my recycle bin on 22nd every month, every day, the schedule will delay 2 days. An example is that on the next day when I check out the schedule, it will be 24th instead of 22nd. The latest version still has this issue. Please kindly assist. Thank you.