Windows 7 with 64 bit

Thanks for the information. Assuming that you did an end-to-end search of the Registry for entries containing 'Eraser' (when I've done this, I have found more entries than you did), I'm afraid that I have run out of ideas, so it's over to Joel.

David - yes - an end to end search. The only other entries were false positives e.g.' CamERASERialnumber' in some JFIF file association. (My emphasis)

Have given up on Eraser for now and switched to an alternative. Hope to be able to switch back some time soon as I've been a fan of Eraser for ages and have recommended it to friends.

Take care.
Eraser still works when I am running under Admin but has stopped running when I log in under General folder, which I usually do. Did I do something?
You need to run Eraser 'as Administrator' for whatever task did not work. Details are in the FAQ.

@Wayneey: yours appear to have the Crypto API not functioning properly. As mentioned earlier, I do not currently know how to resolve this apart from a full system reinstall. Your problem is most likely not related to task lists or lingering registry settings.

@jartweb: if the particular exception you saw in the crash dialog (Problem Signature 09) is also System.TypeInitialization, then the same advice applies.
Joel - yes - I have the same Problem Signature 09.

Google suggests this may be due to lack of a plugin for the Crypto API, perhaps an RSA export limitation. I'm in the UK rather than the US.
Yes -- but I don't see why this should be a problem. Cryptographic algorithm exports have been relaxed in the 2000s (can't remember which year) and all OSes should come with the plugins installed. Hence, I'm deducing that it's more of a DLL getting unregistered than anything else.

Did Google suggest anything to try? My earlier searches yielded nothing.
Nothing much from Google.

I just tried the latest 'downgraded' version 6.0.9 and the same issue is there.
I wonder if the relevant DLL used to be registered correctly and some software uninstall has cleared it?

When I first tried Eraser on Win7/64, it was on a new machine that I had only just built and installed
Win7/64 onto - so it was pretty clean at the time.

I'll keep looking....
This is indeed vexing. The problem is that such situations are not reproducible.

I know something's unregistered as far as Windows is involved, but I can't figure out what. Let me know if you think of anything, because I can't...
I'm currently working on a modular reshuffle on the Eraser components so that plugins can be enabled independently of each other. Once that's done, perhaps I can let you have a test build. In there, hopefully it'll be easier to isolate the offending code, so Eraser can at least run instead of erroring out on launch.

But that'll take time, the code base is really volatile now.
This is old, but I think I've finally fixed the problem. All Eraser 6.0 builds after r2564 have the fix applied and should work. See #406 for details.