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    Freespace Wipe - "Access to the path..." is denied

    I searched the forums and didn't find a reference for this problem, please let me know where I can find the thread if I've overlooked it. I did a freespace wipe of a recently reformatted drive and received the errorFiles in H:\System Volume Information did not have its cluster tips erased...
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    How Does "Cancelling" an Erase work?

    Thanks Joel, you answered my question perfectly. :)
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    How Does "Cancelling" an Erase work?

    What happens to a file when you erase it with multiple passes, then cancel the erase? I noticed the file remains; however -- take a .AVI -- the file won't play after the erase was cancelled. I presume that *some* of the passes were underway and/or completed. The reason I ask is because I...
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    How do you get around "Access Denied" in W7?

    I've just updated my system to Windows 7 x64. I'm new to the OS's hand holding approach and at times find it frustrating. I tried to erase a file in a program directory and was flat out denied access to do so. I call BS! :) How can I work around this with Eraser? I want to be able to erase...